Pottery Project Updates


Obvara Raku !                                                                                           June 2021

The obvara firing technique is a technique originally used to seal low fire pottery. It is believed to have originated in Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages. There is a revival of the process underway in Ukraine and the Baltics. It is nicknamed “Baltic Raku.” exerted from CeramicsArtsNetwork.org


Naked Raku !



Raku is the new word!                                                                       Aug 2018

New process and new kiln for doing raku pottery.  Horsehair and alcohol reduction processes.  Exciting can’t wait to post my first pics of the process and completed pots!

In the meantime working on mugs and dishes for the upcoming festival season.  As well as waiting for the leaves to poke out again after the winter for Thimbleberry Men! 



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